Friday, June 21, 2024

“Always looking like a masquerade” – Netizens troll Tacha over her style of dressing (video)

Tacha has never had an easy relationship when it comes to public opinion and comments and social media. She made a post on Instagram flaunting her outfit on her page, and she looked happy while strutting around, but some netizens weren’t happy about her style of dressing, and they had a few things to get off their chest.

Here’s what some of them had to say in the comment section;

prettyjowee wrote, “Please what are you wearing?”

krispyobinna wrote, “Why always walking around the street to make video or to snap. Don’t you have a house?, I’m a fan buh an honest question tho”

elon sidechick wrote, “I no fit Stan person wey no sabi desssszz feel ,imagine wearing hill with this dressing”

dannyblack122 wrote, “With this hot weather”

fahvy_ x0 wrote, “You have a very low fashion sense”

clara_philips wrote, “Always doing too much
Titans pls don’t come for me please oo I like her regardless.”

dol official wrote, “You are getting f@t ohhh,abeg Start up a g¥m”

wiz abdul 488 wrote, “Always looking like masquerade”

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