Sunday, June 23, 2024

Datwarrigirl says any woman that cannot do plank exercise doesn’t deserve a one minute man on bed, advises women to appreciate their partners sexual performance

Nigerian comedienne, Oluwatoyin Albert, better known as Tomama, has declared that any woman who cannot do planks for at least one minute doesn’t deserve a one minute man.

Following an intense gym session, the comedian asked women who shame men for lasting no more than a minute in bed if they have ever performed planks.

She told men to challenge any woman who does not think of them as men because they only have sexual intercourse for a minute to perform planks.

In her opinion, any woman who cannot do planks for a minute don’t deserve a even a one minute man.

Check out netizens reactions below:

erakzaclown noted: “We the one minute men, we’re Happy to watch to this video 🤣🤣❤️💯”

callme_nornor_money said: “One minute plank be like 2hrs😂😂”

annie_toban wrote: “😂😂 You have said it all. I learnt my lessons when I started doing planks years ago. That’s to say I deserve a two minute man, because I can plank for two minutes.”

eniivy claimed: “We dey observe the men wey dey agree to this post o”


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