Tuesday, June 25, 2024

“Dem go hide your destiny” – Phyna replies fan who called her out for hiding her knuckles

In a recent development, reality tv star and actress Phyna  has replied a troll who called her out for having ugly knuckles. 

Phyna had taken to the X platform to share adorable pictures of her rocking a school uniform as she hinted at the fact that she was working in a movie set. 

In the pictures, while she had been posed off  with her hands akimbo. However, an inquisitive X platform user had taken to her comment section to call her out for hiding her knuckles. 

He stated that he completely understood why she would hide them, hinting at the fact that her knuckles were dark. 

Phyna, who is known for her sharp comebacks, immediately slammed  him. She revealed that the way she hid her knuckles was the same way his destiny would be hidden. 

In her words, she had expressed. In her words, she had expressed. 

“Dem go hide your destiny.”

Now, also recall that earlier today, Phyna had replied an X platform user who likened her to an ex convict. The C platform user had lamented over the disrespect of Davido in the music industry and revealed how upcoming artists like Buju and reality stars like Fina had no right to be disrespectful towards Davido. 

Phyna, obviously offended by that statement, went on a video rant where she not only slammed him but also blasted his parents. She also revealed that everybody was always trying to poke her even when she was on her own. 

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