Thursday, June 13, 2024

“Everybody is crying; kids are crying” – Man heart broken as DNA test shows none of his 3 children are his

Netizen shares the heartbreaking account of how a father found out through DNA test that all 3 of his children he shared with his wife aren’t biologically his.

The story was shared a netizen known as @GhenghisKhan01 on the social networking platform, Twitter, who revealed that the incident happened to a friend of his.

According to the account as relayed by the netizen, the man had gone to conduct a full medical check for his 3 children. He had decided to also throw in a DNA test to check their ancestry.

Much to the man’s horror and shock, he found out that none of the 3 kids is truly his.

The netizen recounted that the wife hasn’t been responding to call since then, and everyone at home has been deeply heartbroken by the development.

The account went…

“A friend of mine got DNA results for all three of his kids yesterday. None of them are his. A 9 year old, a 6 year old and a 4 year old. The man is completely broken. His wife’s response was that he worked too hard and she drops her phone. She has not responded to all our calls.

This man is a line manager with an international oil and gas service company, doing absolutely great, his kids came to visit him and according to him, he simply wanted to run comprehensive medicals for them and just decided to throw in a DNA to check ancestry.

The man is completely broken. His kids are in the house with him, security and emergency services have been called, everybody is crying, kids are crying.”

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