Sunday, June 23, 2024

Good Samaritan cries out after being arrested and charged to court for rushing a cleaner who fainted to the hospital

A Good Samaritan has cried out after being arrested and charged to court for taking a cleaner who fainted, to the hospital. 

According to the X user, she doesn’t know the cleaner who fainted but felt it was her obligation as a health worker to take the woman to the hospital.

However, upon getting to the hospital, she was asked to open a folder for the cleaner but after saying she didn’t know her and couldn’t provide her details, the medical director of the hospital allegedly accused her of assaulting the cleaner and got the police to arrest her

The Twitter user further revealed that she and some members of her family have now been charged to court for assault even though the cleaner is now conscious and has countered the claim.

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