Thursday, June 13, 2024

“I don’t need to be naked on my wedding day to be beautiful” – Lady roasted over statement

A young Nigerian lady comes under severe criticism on her wedding day over her statement on modest dressing amongst her fellow women.

A social media user identified as Deborah Ocheido with the username @d_ocheido on the microblogging platform, X set tongues wagging on her wedding day.

“I don’t need to be naked on my wedding day to be beautiful” – Lady roasted over statement

Deborah had taken to the platform to share stunning photos on her wedding day while commenting on the outrageous nudity common with weddings lately.

“I don’t need to be naked to be beautiful 🥰🥰🥰 Even on my wedding day!!!!!” she captioned the photos.

Her statement, however, met many with disrespect against women as she’s bashed for throwing shade at women generally.

Reactions as lady boasts about not being naked to be beautiful on wedding day
OloriOfOloris penned: “You can trend and be beautiful without trying to degrade other women. Did God send you to be condescending towards others?”

FunmiKolz stated: “You can just hype yourself and go. Why the need to do this????”

Orisha_Osun said: “How can you be displaying f00lishness in celebration of your marriage, ehn fine girl , is that what they teach you in deeper life, to speak like a f00l?”

TemiofRubyz wrote: “You look beautiful but you need to check your heart, you don’t need to be condescending to drive home a point no one asked.”

NuJhayhne said: “The caption wasn’t necessary but congratulations on not going to your wedding naked😙.”

Thee__Paragon added: “How many Nigerian brides have you seen ‘naked’ during traditional weddings? You’re beautiful. Nobody is disputing that. All these shalaye is very unnecessary. Enjoy your day and stop comparing yourself to others.”

BellaTheBomba opined: “Imagine judging other people because they sin different than you ON UR WEDDING DAY 😅. You could just be happy for YOU babe. The day is about YOU! You can do whatever YOU like and so can THEY on THEIR DAY. I thought that’s the Christian thing to do.”

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