Tuesday, June 25, 2024

“I worked 14 hours daily to pay back loan, I only ate once a day” – Man who borrowed N30.7m to travel to UK speaks

A Ghanaian man who borrowed £15,000 (N30.7m) to travel to the UK has opened up on his relentless work schedule of 14 hours a day to settle his substantial debt.

The man, whose name is Paul Akoto Agyeman, disclosed in an interview with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa the arduous path he undertook upon arriving in the UK to clear a debt totaling £15,000 (equivalent to approximately N30,750,035.58 in Nigerian Naira).

According to the man, upon his arrival in the UK, he embarked on multiple jobs, working tirelessly for long hours each day to maximize his earnings and minimize expenses.

He recounted how he dedicated himself to the task, utilizing nearly all of his income to swiftly pay off the debt and pave the way for his family’s migration.

Reflecting on his future plans, the man expressed his aspirations to provide his children with opportunities for growth and prosperity in the UK.

However, he emphasized his desire to eventually return to Ghana and establish a business.

When asked about the possibility of relocating to Ghana, the man articulated his intention to prioritize his children’s education and well-being in the UK before considering a return to Ghana.

In his words;

“I was determined to pay off the debt because I had promised to bring my wife from Ghana within two years. I worked tirelessly to settle that debt, and I had bills to pay as well.”

“I worked at a car wash for four months and paid £1000 to clear the debt. I only ate once a day so I could settle the debt quickly and save. I became so lean, but I remained focused.”

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