Tuesday, June 25, 2024

“If I was president for a day, I will make sure women don’t have to pay for anything” — Ayra Starr says

Nigerian singer, Ayra Starr, sparks gender debate online as she reveals her plans for women if she is opportuned to become the president for a day.

The artiste has never been one to shy away from her support of the feminism movement.

She revealed this in an interview where she was informed that former America’s president, Barrack Obama, added her song ‘Rush’ to his playlist.

The interviewer further asked what she would do if she was to be President for a day, she responded by saying;

“If I was president for a day, I will make sure women don’t have to pay for anything.
No woman has to pay for anything, everything free.
All the bags, all the jewelry, food.
Women and children won’t have to pay for anything.”

However, her statement did not sit well with many male fans and they took to register their displeasure in the comments.

See some of their reactions below

@gani_jonathan wrote: “But women still dey pay to enter your concert 🤣😂😅 lead by example”

@kayzywizzy opined: “She’s taking feminist too serious, very soon na only women go dey stream her song”

@Ogbon_Sodiiki wrote: “Free things don spoil all of una life”

@_unofficial001 added: “They said they want equality. But all they want is dominance”

@mikeoriv asked: “Eh eh, so men came to this life only to sufferrr ??”

@MhezQuing claimed: “Biologically, women are already paying way too much. We deserve this one abeg!”

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