Sunday, June 23, 2024

“It is now normal in this generation for young people in relationships to have sex” — Evangelist calls for repentance of young people (Video)

Female evangelist takes to the streets in anger after observing a growing trend of fornication common amongst young people in her generation.

The woman of God called out people for engaging in premarital sex, some of them performing the act without even being in a relationship.

She claimed a woman would meet a man and that same week, she would be at his place to cook indomie while wearing his clothes.

After cooking, they would have sex without doing any test and that would be the beginning of their relationship.

Months later, the relationship is over and they begin the cycle all over again.

She also called out young ladies who sleep with men they know on a normal day, shouldn’t have access to their bodies, but because of money give them a pass.

Preaching repentance, she asked the youths to change their ways and ask God for forgiveness before it’s too late.

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