Thursday, June 13, 2024

“It might not end in relationship but you missed a chance to make an impression” — Lady rants as talking stage fails to buy her lunch

Lady vents about Nigerian men no longer putting effort to impress women after her one month talking stage did not offer to buy her lunch.

The young lady took to her Tiktok page, @zeediamond_, to air her grievances with the young man.

According to her, he had been trying to get her attention for over a month but since she didn’t like him a lot, he had no success.

However, they were talking one Sunday and when she revealed she was at work, he only told her she works very hard.

She claims that was an opportunity for him to prove his seriousness, with at least N10k to order her food.

The young lady admits that although it might not have ended in a relationship, she would have started taking him more seriously at least.

See some reactions to her video below

@DuchessEmilia said: “I send my female friends lunch and they sometimes randomly send to me… talkless of a man that is toasting me up n down.. 😂”

@Bridget stated: “The problem is they are trying to get the attention of 20 girls at the same time. They can’t afford that lunch for all of us😁”

@. claimed: “Guess what guys if a woman like you enough you literally don’t have to show yourself…she’ll very make it easy for you🤷🏽‍♂️”

@jasonisaac added: “Might not happen might not go anywhere …ole barawo😂”

@Osase_N noted: “He’s matching your energy. Cold meets cold. Let’s all move mad”

@JQ reacted: “I’m sure you don’t like him , you just want him to impress you 😭🤣”

@Lacupitay commented: “Imagine making an impression by buying her lunch. Tufiaaaa 😏”

@Wura👅 replied: “Spoke to one,this dude told me he wanted to see if I’m worth giving all the rizz and attention to. Blocked him instantly”

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