Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Judy Austin’s birthday message to Pete Edochie stirs reactions

Embattled Nollywood actress, Judy Austin has extended heartfelt birthday wishes to her father-in-law, Pete Edochie, as he marked his 77th birthday on March 7, 2024.

In a gesture of familial unity, Judy joined other members of the Edochie household in celebrating the Nollywood veteran on this special day of his.

Taking to her Instagram page, Judy shared a photo of Pete Edochie, accompanying it with a caption overflowing with admiration and affection for the celebrated patriarch.

Describing Pete Edochie as a living legend and the esteemed “lion of Africa,” Yul Edochie’s second wife expressed fervent prayers for his continued well-being and prosperity.

In her heartfelt message, Judy lauded Pete Edochie’s enduring legacy and his profound impact on the Nigerian entertainment industry.

She fervently invoked blessings of good health, longevity, and perpetual joy upon him, signifying the depth of familial love and respect she holds for her father-in-law.

In her words:

“Happy birthday daddy @peteedochie
Lion of Africa.
Ebube Dike.
A Living Legend.
I pray God in his infinite mercies will continue to favour you in everything you do.
I pray for good health, long life and unending happiness.
You’re so so loved daddy.” 

See the post below:

Reacting, One @rosetakem1 wrote: “He doesn’t like you rest beg.”

dat_house_girl wrote: “The only married woman without an in_ law.”

okoliijeoma wrote: “Hope you won’t delete it later the way you deleted others, ant infested mag,,, got like you. Shame …. less akwuna.”

zainabdangana wrote: “Judy obasi why you no dey celebrate your father abi you no get father? Pls try show love to ur father your family, charity begins at home and stop forcing urself on d edochies family Pete said they picked you abi you no still hear him in d interview, edochies no dey marry another person’s wife with grown up children, go and celebrate muoghalu augustine.”

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