Sunday, June 23, 2024

Lady fights best friend, blocks her for dating a guy she rejected because he wasn’t her type

Lady laments online as her best friend blocks her for accepting to date a guy the best friend kept rejecting for 3 years.

The unknown lady took to a Facebook platform to share the problem she’s having with her friend.

According to her, the guy has been asking her best friend out for three years but she kept turning him down.

She, the narrator, decided to ask him out and he accepted.

Now the best friend is upset with her and has blocked her on all social media, deleted all her photos of the together.

She wonders whether she did wrong by dating a guy the friend has repeatedly rejected.

Her words …

“Please keep me ano. There’s a guy that spent 3 years asking my best friend out and she kept rejecting him. She told me that the guy is not her type. So somewhere last year I asked the guy out and he agreed. After two dates we decided to be in a relationship but we didn’t tell my friend. She somehow found out and I told her the truth. I also told her that guy is treating me well. She said she was fine with it but a few hours later I noticed she blocked me on all social media platforms. Her other friend told me she deleted all my pictures on all her socials. Was I wrong to date someone she didn’t want for three years?”

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