Friday, June 21, 2024

Lady sheds tears of joy after surviving accident that reportedly claimed 27 lives

Young lady still in shock as she thanks God for sparing her life in an accident A clip that the young lady shared showed that the bus she was in had collided with a truck and both vehicles were badly damaged.

She revealed through her caption that 27 lives were allegedly lost in the accident (11 others injured) but hers was spared.

“27 people died 11 injured. Na only me nothing do God you too good,” she captioned the clip.

Read some comments below:

_thykiee_ said: “How girl go Dey talk Ajeh ?? Sigh”

creamercia said: “This my sister her intonation you will know she is from Edo state”

evelyn___xx said: “27 gone and 11 injured but God is too good for sparing just you. SMH”

mercyy_golden said: “I don’t even see any wrong in her reaction,she was probably soooo grateful to God and she affirmed that nothing can ever k.ill her again bcz she escaped a very fatal accident,she go don even Dey talk thank you Jesus before the video start too, you guys should calm down”

yesimprettyoma said: “She even select filter.. Thank God for 766 life.”

radiant_maquillage said: “She’s obviously in shock ,, letherreact gg6 however she wants”

endylight1 said: “Just say Thank you Jesus, people died and it was only God’s Mercies and Grace that saved you.”

teehad_place said: “She will be traumatized for a very long time”

Watch the video below:

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