Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Man takes back container shop he bought for girlfriend after she left him for another man (Video)

A heartbroken Ghanaian man has reacted to a recent break up by doing something that generated mixed reactions on social media.

He retrieved a big container which he bought and gave to his now ex-girlfriend to use in operating her business in Ghana.

In the video making the rounds online, a group of able-bodied men could be seen carrying the container while following the man’s direction on a dusty path.

No less than a dozen men were hired to lift the container from where his babe was using it and transport it to a new location.

Watch video below:

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miztersan_1; Reason why I don’t do stuff like this for girlfriend or chicks ………. If wetin you wan do cost 100k I’ll try give you 40% of it or 50% you should get the rest completed cus it’s yours not our stuff. I do that because deep down in me any money I spent willingly, I have no regret over it! No matter what happened ….

bimbolatoks_; He simply wants the new bf to meet her at the point he met her. He doesn’t want the new guy to meet an independent lady. Make he also meet the broke lady he met 😂😂😂.

takeoversclothings; Most times people get angry because of the manner and way of the break up. Some will come with plenty insult,some will even be shoving their new partner to your face,some will start treating you like a fool.

weeworldwide; This reminds of old Nigeria comedy movies, osuafiA , mr Ibu and charles Inojie 😂😂

stemz_magik; Na so Ghana people vex go carry church wey dem build for pastor that time too 😂😂😂

official_stephy_farrel; 😂😂😂omg what’s going on that’s why I don’t let people do things for me like you better buy me food but my car and other valuables are my own money so if we break up na ur chop and drink I go move give u for plastic.

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