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Morena Ramoreboli Angry With Journalist After Violent Fight With Simba Security

Morena Ramoreboli was left fuming after a question from a journalist following Jwaneng Galaxy’s 6-0 defeat to Simba in the CAF Champions League.

Jwaneng Galaxy head coach Morena Ramoreboli was left angry after a journalist insinuated that his side used up too much energy in a violent clash with security ahead of their 6-0 defeat to Simba SC.

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The Tanzanian giants made it to the quarter-finals of the continental club competition after their resounding win at home over the Botswana-based side on Saturday.

Prior to kick-off, however, the Galaxy players and staff were embroiled in an intense physical altercation with the security.

After the loss, Ramoreboli was asked by a reported if his players expended too much energy before the match, a query which left him infuriated.

“What were they supposed to do when they are being attacked?” the Rosendal native said.

“They were supposed to keep quiet and be attacked? They were supposed to keep quiet while the door is closed for them to go into the stadium, is that what you are saying?”

“It was the responsibility for who? Because we are an away team and the security guys are attacking them. So, who was supposed to attack us, if the same security is attacking us. What are we supposed to do?

“Please, ask questions like a journalist, not like a Simba supporter. And understand one thing, we were here, we were supposed to protect ourselves. How are we supposed to protect ourselves if people who were hired to protect both teams were only attacking us, what are we supposed to do?

“You are saying we are supposed to stop and fold our arms while we’re being attacked, that’s what you are saying? If Simba was getting the same treatment in Botswana, would you be happy?

“Yours is to ask questions pertaining to the game, not what you are saying. You are talking about our team using too much energy off the field, what is that?

“You are saying we were fighting people who were fighting us, what were we supposed to do? Keep quiet and allow them to beat us? Are you aware how many injuries we are having here?

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“You are excited, you come and sit there and want to tell us what we were supposed to do, while you are aware… You did not even record whatever that happened here and you have the guts to ask me that my players were doing too much off the field. What kind of a question is that?”

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