Thursday, June 13, 2024

“Mr Ibu slept with so many girls” – Speed Darlington speaks, reveals what killed veteran actor (Video)

Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington speaks on the demise of veteran actor Mr. Ibu.In a recent video, Darlington made controversial remarks regarding the actor’s death.Darlington added that he heard Mr. Ibu was very promiscuous. 

Controversial Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington also known as Akpioku has spoken about the death of the veteran movie star, Mr Ibu.

Taking to his official Instagram and YouTube handles, the musician made some controversial comments regarding the death of the actor.

He first started by sympathizing over the actor’s demise, stating that he died quite early as 66 years is a middle age.

Speaking further, Darlington contrary to reports of Mr Ibu passing away due to complications in his leg which led to amputation, affirmed that the actor died as a result of diabetes.

Going raunchy, the rapper who spoke in Igbo language noted that Mr Ibu slept with a lot of women during his heydays.

He claimed that the reason he doesn’t want to marry or have anything to do with an actress is because producers and top movie officials often request intercourse from them in exchange for gigs.

He reiterated his statement about Mr Ibu’s escapades, affirming that the veteran actor undoubtedly had romps with many ladies.

Maintaining his stance on what killed Mr Ibu, Akpi noted that indiscriminate eating habits are obviously what caused Mr Ibu to develop diabetes, leading to his death.

Speed Darlington further expressed displeasure that despite donating money for Mr Ibu, he still died.

Watch the video below:

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