Friday, June 21, 2024

“Nobody can bully me” – Buju BNXN speaks out as Davido deletes tweet promoting their upcoming collaboration

Nigerian Afro-fusion singer, Daniel Benson better known as BNXN or Buju has reacted after Davido deleted a promotional tweet about their upcoming song.

Buju had angered Davido after he took a dig at him while tackling his fan. Buju had taken to the X-platform to promote his new artist, and a troll had stated that his new artist was not very skilled, calling him mid.

Not pleased with his statement, Buju now known as BNXN took his anger on Davido as he lambasted the troll, calling him an idiot. Knowing fully well that the troll’s favorite artist was Davido, he indirectly stated that Davido wasn’t a great artist either.

Even further explaining the fact that this shade was hinted at Davido, he told the fan to “FEM”. And FEM happens to be one of Davido’s most popular songs.

Following this, Davido had not only unfollowed him but had deleted a tweet promoting their upcoming project.

In the tweet, Davido happily disclosed that he had collaborated with Buju on a song, which he termed classic. He also teased the release of the song. In the midst of their beef, Davido has deleted the tweet, hinting at the project coming to a halt.

Despite it all, Buju remains unbothered as he took to X to defend himself, stating that no one can bully him. He noted how fans are always blowing things out of proportion.

Buju further explained that he was the one who originally wrote the song and would drop it when he was ready to.

“I’ll drop it. I wrote everything. Tf are you people stressing me out? Defending my artiste?

They’ll delete this tweet but I’ve said my own. Nobody can bully me? Fans always blowing shit outta proportion”.

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