Friday, June 21, 2024

“Nobody should tell you what to do with your money” – Halima Abubakar speaks

Nigerian actress, Halima Abubakar, has said she regrets meeting certain people in the earlier stages of her life.

Speakin in an interview on Saturday Beats, Halima Abubakar said:

“Everybody I met when I was a young person are useless, and I regret meeting them. That might be because I am too real. I cannot stand a lot of them, and I don’t care how they see me.”

Offering words of encouragement to women in the industry, Abubakar who recently resumed acting following her hiatus due to illness said:

“Women should keep striving hard. Nobody should tell you what to do with your money. Things are changing gradually, even though we are not fully there yet. I am proud of the females currently making waves in the industry.”

The actress also stated that many men in the entertainment industry view women as mere sex objects, rather than capable professionals. She added:

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“Men have a bad notion about women in the industry. They downgrade women, especially the young ones that are trying to make it. They see women as sex objects. Many of them feel that women are not capable of doing good jobs.”

Abubakar also stated that the industry was being destroyed by cabals. She opined:

“If a lady decides to do a movie, she will hear things like, ‘She thinks she has grown’. A friend could even be the one to throw one under the bus, spilling secrets one does not want people to know.”

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