Thursday, June 13, 2024

“Picked from the street and now a skitmaker by marriage chai” – Rita Edochie mocks Judy Austin

Nollywood actress and sister-in-law of Pete Edochie, Rita Edochie has once again thrown a shade at Judy Austin, the wife of her nephew, Yul Edochie.

Hours ago, Yul had reportedly revealed that his relationship with Judy is entirely skit-based.

This new report emerged after May’s lawyer went online to shed some new lights on their divorce proceedings. In this report, it was stated that Yul Edochie, while trying to defend himself in the ongoing legal battle between him and his first wife May Edochie, had expressed that him and his second wife Judy Austin are not legally married and rather they have a relationship that is all about skit-making.

Taking to her Instagram page to reach to it, Rita Edochie made mockery of Judy Austin as she noted how Judy Austin has grown from being picked from the streets to becoming a skitmaker by marriage.

Mocking her, Rita questioned what she had done to herself.

“Firstly, I was picked from the streets and today I am now a skitmaker by marriage chaaaaaiiii.
God, what have I done to myself?”.

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