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Reactions as Nigerian man records girlfriend confessing to cheating on him with his best friend after she was caught, posts it online

A heartbroken man loses his cool as his girlfriend confesses to cheating on him with his best friend whom he once rented an apartment for and fed.

A video making the rounds on social media captured a scene where a lady was grilled by her boyfriend for a confession.

According to the man, his girlfriend begged for attention from his friend despite his unwillingness and eventually had a threesome with him and his babe.

The man could be heard lamenting how the best friend was like a brother to him, whom he once provided shelter for under his roof.

While answering the questions and making her confessions, the lady apologized for cheating on her man while shedding tears profusely.

Reactions as man records girlfriend’s confession after cheating with his best friend
CEOPROSERFINA said: “I’m slowly starting to dislike that word “I Love You “. Because a lot of women use it to cover their cheating games.”

JustDirmax stated: “That’s why you never trust women, I can bet that after this her yeye cry, She go still go collect doggy for another guy side.”

TeerachCraft opined: “Staying faithful in relationship is a virtue, how does she have her own man and still get fucked by another man alongside his own girl, things Dey sup.”

De_GreatKhan wrote: “This is bullsh!t, all these grilling is crap, if you catch your babe cheating you move all these plenty grilling no matter, play your guys the tape, vex, cry if you must and move….”

ThaBoyYom added: “I always find it very funny when Nigerian Men start listing all they’ve done for the Woman whenever they catch their Woman cheating or misbehaving 😅.”

Esleem_cm said: “Lol 😂 women go cheat still follow you quarrel till you catch them red handed.”

Dream__boy10 noted: “The only thing way make her allow this guy video her na because she still believe say the guy go forgive her if she cry well. Women mumu die😂😂.”

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