Thursday, June 13, 2024

“She was there for me when I had nothing, I will never leave her for any woman ” – Netizens react to old video of Yul Edochie speaking about his love for May

An old video of Yul Edochie speaking about his unchanging love for his first wife May Edochie and how she helped him before he became famous, sparks mixed reactions online.

The video that surfaced online shows a much younger Yul speaking about his fondness and love for May.

He had informed the interviewer that he and his wife have been married for 9 years and they had met themselves in 1998 before became famous.

Yul Edochie, speaking in the old video, revealed that he tries as much as he can to ensure that the fame he gained doesn’t break what he and his wife has.

The video has stirred a lot of reactions as many comment on the changes that has followed since the interview.

It would be recalled that Yul Edochie now has another wife and he and his second wife are separated.

Read some comments below:

cynthia_kelz said: “So what changed? How come he hates her so much now? Ladies, while helping a man, build yourself too. If May wasn’t investing in herself, she would have become a shadow of herself now. Yul and Judith, God will judge you two.”

royal_babies_kiddies_store said: “The way he speaks here is so different 295 from the way he speaks now ..”

quee_nsabin said: “Thank you cutie for posting this. Alot of Bloggers will not let people see the truth. They just want money. May God let your ovulation turn to twins this month in Jesus name. Amen”

micklypain said: “It will never be well with Judy for caging someone husband.this video shows that yul loves May very much”

teejaiygold said: “Then he now tries to change the narrative and paint her bad and some stupeeed people quickly bought it and start insulting that innocent woman. Even some unfortunate women too follow. I be man with a heart and know say wetin him and Judy do that woman no good at all. It’s good she’s elevating on daily basis while her tormentors are declining, that’s God at work”

ine.stimable432 said: “Hmmm. Yul and May still never talk 10 wetin happen. I don’t believe a woman can cage a man.”

Watch the video below:

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