Friday, June 21, 2024

“Stop calling on the God of any pastor/G.O, no one knows where they get their powers from, use the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob etc” – Daniel Regha advises Christians

Twitter personality Daniel Regha has issued a cautionary message to Christians, urging them to refrain from invoking specific names of pastors or individuals when calling upon God.

Daniel Regha advised Christians to refrain from exclusively calling upon the God associated with a particular minister/pastor or individual whom they perceive to be devout worshippers.

Instead, he emphasized the importance of invoking Biblical references when addressing the divine.

In his tweet, Daniel Regha expressed his concerns, stating that it is not appropriate for Christians to invoke the name of a pastor, whether deceased or alive, when seeking spiritual intervention.

He urged believers to redirect their focus towards Biblical figures such as Isaac, Abraham, and Deborah, suggesting that these references align more closely with the principles of Christianity.

“As a Christian, you should not be calling on the God of any pastor, whether living or dead. Forget the miracles seen,” Daniel Regha said.

He emphasized the uncertainty about where religious leaders get their power from.

According to Daniel Regha, although these individuals perform extraordinary feats and miracles, the origins remain uncertain.

“No one knows for a fact who or what they serve and where they get their powers from. Listen to their preaching if enlightening, but only reference Biblical saints when calling on God, e.g., the God of Isaac, Abraham, Deborah, just to name a few,” he added.

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