Tuesday, June 25, 2024

“There is no light in Aba” — Resident of the state claims everything online is propaganda

A resident of Aba takes to TikTok to call out the state government over the lack of electricity in her area despite numerous testimonies online.

The young lady who was captured all sweaty shared her misgivings about the power situation to her Tiktok page, @pamara_g.

She claimed that contrary to all the videos online, she gets only one hour of electricity per day.

According to her, she leaves in Azikwe, a residential area where they have a lot of businesses and their Nepa bill costs more than other areas.

She implored her fellow state residents to stop lying about the true nature of the light situation and start calling out the government for not working well.

The Alex Otti led government in Abuja State recently built a Geometric power plant which promises the state residents 24 hours electricity.

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To even think that the haven’t brought light since the day I made this video till date😂 @Mazi Tunde @Mazi Tunde Ednut #pamara_g #Nigeria #nepa #geometric #Aba #Alexotti #federalgovernment

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