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There’s nothing wrong with a man moving into a woman’s house, once you marry, two has become one – Dr Olumide Emmanuel

Nigerian clergyman and life coach, Olumide Emmanuel, has stated that it is not wrong for a man to move into the house of a woman he married.

The General Overseer of Calvary Bible Church, shared this when he appeared as a guest on the Honest Bunch podcast, where he emphasised that once a couple tie the knot they have become one.

He also defined feminism as the equal treatment of everyone based on the value they bring, adding that it has nothing to do with relationship. Pastor Emmanuel who is also a financial advisor, also said once a husband and his partner start living together, they work as a single unit.

According to him, no matter how successful a woman is, once she enters a house, she automatically assumes the position of a wife, and it does not matter who brings the money.

He stressed the importance of women supporting their men, because most of them are groaning and dying due to the responsibility of taking care of the family financially.

Olumide said; “There’s nothing wrong in a man moving into a woman’s house because once you marry, two has become one. ‘What is feminism?’ ‘Feminism is everybody should be treated equally based on the value they bring.’ It has nothing to do with relationship. No matter how successful you are once you enter the house, you are a wife.”

Watch him speak below:

In reaction, @Monntego said; No man should make the mistake of moving to a woman’s house. You will lose your dignity.

@amazon_creed; This is one of the best episodes of the honest bunch. Some girls no won hear this one o, Once 200k enter their account,them don arrive

@Wesleydeycook; It nothing wrong if the woman get good character, but if not, the man go hear am ooo

@ProGhost_; I understand you sir. But go no go let me see wetin go make me move enter woman house.

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