Tuesday, June 25, 2024

“They said no one will marry a woman with kids” – Lady celebrates as she heads to her wedding with her 4 kids

Single mother of 4 jubilates as she heads to her wedding with all her kids after she was mocked and told nobody will marry a single woman with kids.

The lady went online to hit back at detractors who wished her bad and ill-luck in getting married again.

She revealed that people had tried to discourage her by telling her that nobody will marry a woman with kids.

This didn’t turn out as they had said as she got engaged to another man.

A video that she shared on her TikTok page shows her heading to the wedding venue with all 5 kids of hers.

“Me on my way with wedding with all my kids,” she partly captioned.

Check out reactions that followed …
Sytsie…doply shared: “My step dad married our mom…we were 5 gals”

MaZ ❤ commented: “I said it, “men will marry who they want regardless of whether you have kids/not”!”

🦋SAYRAAH🦋 remarked: “My neighbor married a woman with 6kids he’s happy”

LebusengM commented: “In Limpopo there’s 100’s of weddings every weekend n most of them kebo mother of 2 to 3 frm previous relationships🤞🏽”

SamkeManyambose stated: “my step dad married our mom,we were 6 can you imagine😉💌”

traceyzeetkz wrote: “me and you in the same boot got a white guy who accepted me and my two kids and now we have 1 together 😁true love exits”

Watch video below …


Amanga eniwakhulumayo🤣

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