Tuesday, June 25, 2024

“Who should I give?” – Man cries out over whom to gift a car between his wife and girlfriend, who helped him secure the lucrative deal

A married man has taken to social media to seek advice on a perplexing situation involving his wife, girlfriend, and a promised gift of a car.

The man, who remains anonymous, shared his predicament on a popular online platform, laying out the conflicting promises he has made to both his wife and his girlfriend.

According to the man, his girlfriend played a pivotal role in helping him secure a lucrative business deal, and in appreciation, he wishes to honour her with the gift of a car.

However, he finds himself entangled in a web of promises as he had previously assured his wife of a car once finances allowed.

In his plea for advice, the man disclosed that he only has the budget for one car.

In his words;

“Please help me out!! I’m turn between buying a car for my girlfriend or buying it for my wife. My girlfriend helped me secure this lucrative deal and I want to honor her with a car. I’ve also promised my wife of buying her a car if money come! I only have a budget for one car, I’m confused.”

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