Tuesday, June 25, 2024

”Women, protect your homes” – Wife blocks female friend for gushing over her husband’s handsomeness

A Nigerian doctor reveals the approach taken after his wife’s female friend openly gushed over how handsome and lucky she was to have him.

A social media user identified as @DrJohnBishop took to the platform to share his experience with his wife who took swift action against her friend.

According to the doctor, the female friend gushed over his handsomeness directly to his wife. In response, the woman blocked the friend across all social media platforms.

In his words;

“My wife told me about one of her “friends” that was telling her about how I was a good looking man.

“Your husband is so fine, tall, dark and handsome. You’re lucky to have him.”

The question I asked her was: “what did you reply her”.

Madam said she just smiled and ushered her out of our house; blocked her numbers, deleted them, took my phone and made sure her number was not on my phone, blocked her from all my social media handles 😂 😂 😂.

I almost died of laughter while telling her she did the right thing. Women, protect your homes from frenemies!!!”

Wife blocks female friend for gushing over her husband’s handsomeness
Reactions as wife blocks female friend for gushing over her husband
RebeccaIsi wrote: “If she likes let her block your destiny; you will still do what you want to do. Lol, while I don’t consider the compliment extreme it only matters the extent of the friendship. I mean it’s okay to drive caution; but lol.”

chin_enye noted: “Na from clap dance dey start. Before they will start passing by your office with banga soup and pounded yam.”

TrentahRaihanah stated: “Now there is another type of female friends that come telling the woman all that is wrong on her man and how she made a bad choice. 🙌.”

0yetola said: “So you basically just exposed your wife’s insecurity cause what kind of woman blocks her friend for merely complimenting her husband’s looks?? Perhaps you both would’ve preferred for the friend to go behind her back and talk about how unattractive you are.”

kxesca opined: “I have lost count of people telling me my husband is good looking. It has never crossed my mind to block them. I guess we all have different interpretations. Perhaps there’s more to what the lady said as this is not enough to block anyone.”

desrtquin reacted: “Like I can’t see what’s wrong with it honestly, I have told my friends they’re lucky and never have second thoughts,my friends have been secure about my compliments, I’m the last to marry and they never felt weird that I was single, now we’re all married to men of our dreams,have always spend weekends with them too while single.”

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