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“You might not be religious but take family patterns seriously” — Man warns as he reveals Herbert Wigwe’s siblings also died by accident

A Nigerian man warns those who do not take religion seriously to be wary of family patterns as he claims Herbert Wigwe’s siblings also died by accident.

The young man took to his Twitter account, @novieverest, to share his discovery.

He claimed the Access bank CEO had some root issues in his family which is claiming their lives.

The man revealed Herbert Wigwe’s brother had died in an accident in 1977, which Herbert’s father has also admitted during an interview.

He added that Herbert sister also lost her life while returning from her honeymoon in her accident.

His tweet reads;

“You might not be religious but take family patterns seriously.

Herbert Wigwe’s elder brother died in 1997. The cause? An accident.

Herbert Wigwe’s sister died while returning from her honeymoon. The cause? An accident.

I have a friend who died at the exact age his brother died. Both young.

I can go on.”

See the post below….

Some reactions to his post

@kalutobest said: “This is the reason we often pray against any bad family pattern. A friend broke his family’s pattern of not living above 50 years old. I am religious, but….. omo, we need to look elsewhere for answers.”

@victordaberechi opined: “You see this kind of pattern, prayer no dey cure am. You gats go back to your roots and ask one or two questions and once you find the answer, it’s usually so glaring.”

@OjiUgo_nwa commented: “That’s a terrible pattern and shouldn’t be ignored by the family.”

@nongagwani stated: “Life is indeed spiritual.”

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