Thursday, June 13, 2024

Young lady boasts of her ho0kup job, says she is now a millionaire after few months in it (Video)

A video is making the rounds on social media that shows the moment a young lady who is into ho0kup granted an interview.

In the clip, the young lady boasts about her job and by extension unwrapped some unknown things about the business since she started it.

According to the lady, she kickstarted the business of doing ho0kup in December 2023 and as of the moment granting the interview she has made over a million of naira.

Breaking it down further, the young lady said she charges the sum of N100K – N150K per night and the minimum she charges for short rest/ short time is N40K.

During the interview, the lady utters that she has engaged in threesome before but she is yet to 4some while stressing that she would do it as far as money is involved.

Speaking on the disadvantages of the ho0kup business, the young lady says that since she started it in December she as treated just one infection from a client.

She disclosed that she will stop the business of ho0kup when she makes a total of N5million.

In conclusion, the young lady tells the government to provide work for women that would bring daily income stating that it is just the best way to get girls from the streets or reduce the trending ho0kup business.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

official_ijeomapatrick: Just short of words… God your hands and touch would change her…may she find herself again

ademola.balogun: I pity parents that would have to answer to God for not taking care of their children.

adushair: I don’t know what to say, I pray she discover herself soon.

that_girlnikky: Do people really wear this?

rivascourt: And them do naming ceremony for this one. Sorry but this is a waste of money.

che_esom: Shes beautiful and speaks so well. Hopefully she stops this.

johnbullagram: She speaks well , could have been perfect for customer care operator, greed and quick money is what’s killings Many of our country youth.

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